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Misting Fans


Misting Fan Hire Adelaide

Beat the heat at your next function or event with our portable misting fan. Standing at a height of 650mm, our misting fans use a high pressure pump to create a fine mist, instantly reducing temperatures by up to 14 degrees! Guests will feel cool and comfortable as millions of tiny water droplets are blown away from the fan, resulting in a refreshing breeze on even the hottest summer days. Utilising a simple garden hose connection, our misting fans not only keep guests cool, they also actively reduce the presence of flies and other flying insects. A must for any summer function or event, our misting fans are the perfect way to keep guests cool without compromising on style.     


  • Refillable 30L water tank.
  • Lasts for 8 hours
  • Easy to move on wheels

*Additional charges will apply for delivery
* Power outlet required





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Mister Fan


Mister Fan


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